Angry Birds – Following on your passion

This is supposed to be a text about following your passion: some people follow on saving the world, others prefer apparently simpler things like popping green pigs. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not about the purpose per se but the way to get there. It’s always about work, a lot of work.

Looking at the screen below, one could easily conclude that – at some point – I did become very, very efficient in the pig popping business. At the end of the day, some of these golden eggs become available when winning 3 stars in maybe 60 different levels.

Golden Eggs

Note: The original Angry Birds game currently has about 500 different levels.

How many hours were spent on this game? Many? A lot? Days? Nights? Did I do anything else? (Is that even a valid passion?)

I know what everybody is thinking, that I either have no life or that I have cheated my way by modifying some data on the phone storage. Both are false, by the way. Also, I am not sure you can get to the state below by cheating. Of course, you can’t get to completing the Master League without using power ups, but Rovio has a business to run so it’s quite understandable.

Master League

What if I told you I did not spend a single penny on any item available for purchase in the game? If one does not use power ups in the normal levels, these tend to accumulate as the game grants some of them from time to time. Up to the Silver League all the levels can be clearly won without power ups; the Gold League is hard to win without them and the Master League is hard to win even with plenty of them. You can get more tickets than you will ever need through good old patience, opening the game every day and not playing any level for like 2 months.

But let’s take a step back now. We’re talking here about:

  • Passion;

  • A strong desire to win;

  • Starting early;

  • Many hours of work;

  • Patience;

  • Resource management.

I hope you now realize this text is not really about Angry Birds. It’s about following on your passion to the very end. Thank you for your read!

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